Over the years, we have grown to transform into an organization offering you various HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning) solutions to cater the Indian clientele

At Shiva Air Conditioning Co., we provide you with a wide variety of air conditioning services, all within your reach, without any hassle. Over the years, we have grown to transform into an organization offering you various HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning) solutions to cater the Indian clientele. Our team is continuously working on creating a difference through services, technology, and products. Shiva Air Conditioning Co. is capable of giving an end-to-end solution to every customer out there and this is what has proven to be the relevant differentiator for us in the market place.

Want to know what makes us stand out in the market?

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  • Our company is backed by the world-renowned technology that is available in a variety of models along with incredible quality standards to accurately match the needs of customers.

  • Our team understands the clients’ requirements and needs to offer solutions that ensures energy efficiency while offering healthy, clean, and cool air for office or home environments at an inexpensive price. 

  • We make it a point that you are provided with the highest resilience, quality, and efficiency.


  • Our in-depth experience and expertise in the market make us capable of providing integrated, innovative HVAC solutions throughout residential and commercial properties.


  • Shiva Air Conditioning Co. consistently invests resources and time in its R&D for modernization and is aimed towards keeping upto date with the latest technology trends.

We stand for a technologically personalized product that is best suited to the given requirement as well as customer satisfaction. Our company understands the complex needs of different sectors and we utilize this knowledge for providing unsurpassed HVAC solutions to all the customers. Our mission is to move forward with an environment-friendly approach which does not compromise on the cooling provisions. Under all the service solutions, we also offer preventive maintenance checks that help in recognizing problems early and avoiding high-cost downtimes.

  • We take care of all our client requirements with expert advice and support throughout the design process. This makes us popular amonst our clients as a quality-oriented HVAC contractor.
  • Shiva Air Conditioning Co. has a skilled team with impressive technical expertise that has years of experience in implementing air conditioning, ventilation, and heating services.


  • With generations of reliability and trust, we aim to consistently boost value propositions to the stakeholders through customer-centric and innovative solutions.


  • Our company emphasises on being technologically up to date and provides with energy-efficient options to everybody.

Shiva Air Conditioning Co. offers energy-efficient customized HVAC solutions to commercial, corporate destinations and residential sectors. It is our incredible customer service and technical innovation which makes us the leading HVAC contractors in the industry. Every customer who chooses our services is offered exceptional products. Our technicians and engineers are well-trained for managing the expensive and sophisticated HVAC equipment.