Shiva Air Conditioning Co. offers the most comprehensive and finest range of services for taking care of all HVAC requirements. With our expertise and experience, being the most responsible HVAC contractor, we optimize the system as well as ensure flawless air distribution, supreme indoor air quality, and maximum energy efficiency.

Project Management

The project managers at Shiva Air Conditioning Co. will be responsible for your full project schedule as well as its crucial stages which include documentation controls needed for every aspect of installation, certification, commissioning, maintenance, and operation. 

Heat Load Calculation

We perform heat load calculations for every conditioned building space for determining the capacity and zones of new heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. Our calculations will be according to air infiltration and ventilation, convection and conduction heat transmission, solar heat gain, and current as well as future equipment etc. 


According to the needs and preferences, the perfect HVAC design is made as well as offered to the client. We strive to keep your particular requirements in mind during this process and then offer you the best design possible.

After Sales Service

Our company is dedicated to offering commercial and residential HVAC solutions which help people get satisfying results. To support the same, we have developed our After Sales Services. Providing reliability and promptness we meet the particular requirements of every customer across the country.